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Have you been busy taking care of life, and
have lost focus of your health and fitness?

I'm Penny Fahey, an experienced certified health coach and fitness trainer.

I can help you lose weight, improve or stabilize a chronic disease, 

move better, and feel more energetic.


Let's take the journey together with a personalized coaching

program to help you achieve your goals!

It's Never Too Late To Be Your Best You!
Let's make it happen with Healthy Penny's Coaching: 

Start Something New!

Learn a new healthy habit on your schedule with an online self-paced course on a variety of topics. These online courses are completed by you, but you're not on your own- Penny is an email away. 

I Still Got It!

Remind yourself how strong you are by achieving a new level of strength & fitness with this 6 week small group program offered throughout the year, with a new topic each time. 


Fitness Coaching

Forget the one-size-fits-all workouts! Get Strong! with the 12 week coaching program designed around you, your goals, and your unique starting point. 

In Control!  

Nutrition Coaching

Knowing how to eat for good health shouldn't be so hard! Take the mystery out of what and how to eat to achieve your diet goals with a program designed around you! 

How It Works
1. Learn more about each program by clicking the link below.
2. Schedule a free consultation with Penny to discuss your goals.
3. Begin a online program that fits into your schedule, with help & support along the way.

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Fitness coaching begins with loosening up stiff muscles and joints through functional movement and adds resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. We will find time in your schedule for exercise with:

  • Goal planning and scheduling

  • Setting up your environment for success

  • Destressing & getting active

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Nutrition Coaching begins with foundational habits and builds a successful program that includes: 

  • Eating slowly and mindfully

  • Meal planning & prep

  • Reading labels & a pantry makeover

  • Making better choices

  • Understanding protein, fats, carbs

  • Sensible portion sizes

  • Building your healthy plate

 Instead of following someone else's program, you get to design your own! You decide what goals you want to work on, include the foods you like, and do the exercises you enjoy. I will remove the guesswork, and provide the accountability, direction, and the support you need to stay consistent.  

How Coaching Works: You're In Charge!
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I learned a lot from the blood pressure basics program and got 100% on my quiz! it was fun!


The encouragement of Penny was a key factor in the success of my 6 month weight loss journey.


Penny's exercise program relieved my chronic stiffness and I feel good, vibrant and healthy!


We are always up to something fun at Healthy Penny's! Sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming programs and specials!

Join our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming programs and specials!

Thank you!