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Welcome To Healthy Penny's Wellness Solutions!
I am Happy You're Here!
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 You have been busy taking care of life and are ready for your next adventure! 

You have dreams of camping, hiking, biking, exploring foreign lands but do stiffness and pain, a lack of energy, a health condition, or a few extra pounds have you concerned it may not be possible? Maybe it's too late? Maybe you're too old? 


I'm Penny Fahey, an experienced certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Master Trainer with Urban Poling. I want you to know you're not too old, and it's never too late to focus on yourself and feel better! I can help you move better, and have more energy through a targeted program designed around you. Let's take the journey together to help you take your next adventure!

It's Never Too Late To Be Your Best You!
Let's make it happen with Healthy Penny's Wellness Solutions: 

Personal Training & Health Coaching


Now's the time to increase energy, move better, feel stronger, and be healthy! Partner with Penny to design an effective coaching program to address current limitations, break old habits, and become the person you know you are on the inside! Programs are available online, and also in-person through Ft. Collins, CO Recreation.

Urban Poling (a.k.a. Nordic Walking) 


Why just take a walk when you can strengthen your core, work your whole body, improve your posture, decrease pain and limitations, and do it in half the time? You can with Urban Poling, and I would be happy to offer demonstrations and lessons online and in-person.

Contact Me For A Free Consultation!

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Penny's exercise program relieved my chronic stiffness and I feel good, vibrant and healthy!



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