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Women Walking

Your solution to getting stronger, feeling great, and being your best you!

You have dreams of camping, hiking, biking, exploring foreign lands but do stiffness and pain, a lack of energy, a health condition, or a few extra pounds have you concerned it may not be possible? 

I'm Penny Fahey, an experienced certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Master Trainer with Urban Poling. I can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals through a targeted program designed around you! 

Healthy Penny's personal training is available in- person through
Fort Collins Recreation. 
Women Walking

But Wait! There's More!

Urban Poling: Your All-In-One Fitness Tool


Why just take a walk when you can strengthen your core, legs, and upper body; make improvements to your cardiovascular fitness comparable to jogging; improve your posture, decrease pain and limitations; burn more calories, and do it in half the time? You can with Urban Poling!



And all you need to accomplish all of this during your walk is one set of Urban Poling Activator Poles that are not only are great for walking, but also hiking, running, bounding, balance training, and even rehab for your injuries!


Just one set of poles to help you get into your best shape doing what you normally do anyway- walk! Contact me for a free demonstration, lessons, and equipment. 

Is Your Walking Limited By An Injury, Health Condition, or Other Factor?

The Activator Poles, along with the patented Activator walking technique, can help! Independent research, the Arthritis Foundation, Parkinson's Groups, and physical therapists use and recommend the Activator Poles and Technique.

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