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 You have been busy taking care of life and are ready for your next adventure! 

You have dreams of camping, hiking, biking, exploring foreign lands, or just playing tag with your grandkids in the back yard, but do stiffness and pain, a lack of energy, a health condition, or a few extra pounds have you concerned it may not be possible? Maybe it's too late? Maybe you're too old? 


I'm Penny Fahey, an experienced certified Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist, I want you to know you're not too old, and it's never too late to focus on yourself and feel better! I can help you lose weight, work on that health condition, move better, and have more energy. Let's take the journey together with a personalized health coaching program to help you take your next adventure!

It's Never Too Late To Be Your Best You!
Let's make it happen with Healthy Penny's Wellness Solutions: 

Love food again: learn how to eat healthily so you are not confused  by what to eat, or the latest fads with their 'too good to be true' promises.

Go ahead and plan that hike or travel adventure: get fit and strong even if you struggle to get up off the floor.

 Don't let a health condition stop your plans: develop exercise, lifestyle, and eating habits that help you take control and get back out there.

Feel better by working with your hormones: achieve your goals as a woman 'of a certain age' when you feel like it's a losing battle.

Get Started With A Free Consultation!

You are unique and deserve a program that is built around you and your goals. Let's meet and discuss what you would like to accomplish and how I can help you. 3 Month, 6 Month, and 12 Month Coaching Packages are available to suit your needs and goals. 

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I learned a lot from the blood pressure basics program and got 100% on my quiz! it was fun!


The encouragement of Penny was a key factor in the success of my 6 month weight loss journey.


Penny's exercise program relieved my chronic stiffness and I feel good, vibrant and healthy!


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