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July and Beyond

In-Person & Online Personal Training Available Now!
I am happy to announce that I am offering in-person personal training with Fort Collins, CO Recreation, and online personal training everywhere! Take a look at the links below for more information, or email me with questions or to schedule a free consultation!


Free Urban Poling Demonstrations
I am spreading the news about Urban Poling and if you, or someone you know, would like to give them a try, let me know! I am available for in person demonstrations in the NoCo area, and online demonstrations everywhere.  Everyone who attends a demonstration and gives Urban Poling a try will receive $20 off a pair of Activator poles. Stay tuned for upcoming events and activities!

I'm Just Getting Started!
While we are Urban Poling this summer, I am also busy getting ready for this fall! Watch for news about mini-coaching programs on nutrition and exercise, and a new weekly Chair Yoga and Stretching class. 
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