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Eliminate pain and stiffness and enjoy an active life!
The Healthy Penny's Move Better Program Is Design Around You!
Maybe you haven't exercised in a long time because you were busy taking care of everything else instead of you; or maybe you have been active but the old bumps and bruises have become lasting stiffness or pain. The good news is you can regain strength and mobility, rediscover energy, decrease pain, and feel like you again!

Let's work together to build a program around your story, goals, and interests that includes posture and movement assessments, strength training, and more!  
Stretching Together
The 4 Start-Up Week Package:  $199  Introductory Special: just $99 
  • Initial meeting to discuss goals and design program
  • Posture Assessment
  • Movement Assessment
  • Customized exercise menu
  • Weekly Check-Ins
After the 4 Weeks 
You may want to continue working on goals beyond the initial 4 weeks in the Move Better Package. By continuing beyond week 4, we can work on:
  • Additional assessments and exercise menus to continue progress
  • Skills and habits to help you overcome roadblocks and achieve long term goals
  • Optional: Urban Poling lessons with the purchase of a set of poles
$50 per month
after purchase of Move Better Package, cancel when you're ready 

How Can I Get Started?

 Contact Penny for a free consultation today!


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