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I have a great grasp on the proper carbohydrate, fat, protein and vegetable plate portions. I also feel confident that I can continue and also build upon the exercise and strength training routines you have built for me. I am still being mindful of what I eat, and whether I am actually hungry or just bored and stressed. My A1C is 2 points lower too!
I appreciate all of the time and support you have given to me while helping me learn portion control and better eating habits!! Thank you!!

- P.J.

Strong & In Control Client
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12 Week


Coaching Package

Improve your strength and fitness with this personalized coaching program that focuses on strength and mobility training. Even if you have been inactive for a while, it's never too late to be Strong! 


  • Movement and posture assessments to determine starting point and progress

  • Weekly meetings and check-ins

  • Personalized strength and mobility routines

  • Information on strength training basics and timesavers

  • Routines for at home and the gym

$450 for the 12 week program


In Control!


12 Week


Coaching Package

Chances are you've done every eating plan out there, and now you are ready to understand what to eat, and how to eat, to be the healthiest version of you

 In Control! is for you!


  • Learn techniques on mindful eating and habit awareness

  • Weekly meetings and check-ins

  • Step by step process on putting together your healthy plate

  • Information on nutrition basics, food prep & planning, and more

  • Have a chronic disease? Learn how healthy eating can help!

$450 for the 12 week program

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Strong & In Control!


6 Month Total

Transformation Package

The Strong!

12 Week Program

The In Control!

12 Week Program


Complete 6 Month Transformation!


$849 for the 6 month package

Start Something New!

Learn a new healthy habit on your schedule with an online self-paced course on a variety of topics. These online courses are completed by you, but you're not on your own- Penny is an email away. 

I Still Got It!

Remind yourself how strong you are by achieving a new level of strength & fitness with this 6 week small group program offered throughout the year, with a new topic each time. 

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