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Coaching Programs

Before using posture exercises Penny provided, I hurt too much to even exercise.
After a week of following my menu, I regained range of motion in my tight hips, and the muscles in my back and legs didn't hurt anymore!  Thank you!!

- G.F.

Healthy Penny's Coaching Client
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Start Here: Move Better
with the Egoscue Method
Stretching Together
Pain that prevents you from living the life you want
Muscle tension & stiffness and wake up feeling great
Energy, balance, and mobility - important for starting an exercise program or getting back into it after an injury
4 Week Package Includes:
  • Initial meeting to discuss symptoms & goals
  • Posture Assessment
  • Movement Assessment
  • Customized exercise (E-cise) menu
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Re-assessment & Menu Update at 4 weeks 
Introductory Special: just $99 
Move Better Package
Personalized Coaching
Fit Woman
You may want to continue working on goals beyond the initial 4 weeks in the Move Better Package.

By continuing beyond week 4, we can work on:

  • Additional E-cise menus to continue to improve symptoms
  • Strength and flexibility training routines
  • Skills and habits to help you overcome roadblocks and achieve long term goals
  • Optional: Urban Poling lessons with the purchase of a set of poles
$50 per month
after purchase of Move Better Package
(cancel when you're ready) 
Interested in Urban Poling Lessons Only?

 Get all the details here:

Ready to get started or have questions?
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