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Getting Injured and Walking To Recover

Over two weeks ago, I decided to take the trash out, a chore I have done hundreds of times before without much thought about how to get it from the kitchen to outside the backdoor. This time, I should have paid closer attention.

The full trash bag in my hand hid the fact that I had only stepped down 4, and not five, steps. After a less than graceful pirouette on my toes (having never had a dance class), I burst backside first through the backdoor and landed flat on my back, the bag of trash still firmly in my grip.

I sat up to assess the damage. As the initial rush of adrenaline wore off, I scanned everything: no pain in my head, neck, or back- surprising since I fell on a rocky surface. I felt a little pain in my right knee, but it did not compare to the pain I felt in the puffy, purpley-red pillow forming around my left ankle and foot.

I knew my ballet debut through the backdoor caused me to most likely sprain my ankle, but I feared that I had broken something as well. After getting a lot of help and concern from my husband and son, I made it back up the stairs and onto the sofa to apply ice and elevate my increasingly puffy and purple foot. When necessary, I travelled around the house the best I could on my desk chair. There was no way I was going to stand on that foot in this condition.