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Already A Fan and Ready To Get Your Poles?
"I can take a walk, exercise the whole body, and do it in half the time? Yes please!"

Urban Poling (a.k.a. Nordic walking) gives you a full body

workout in half the time, and has these added benefits: 


  • Do 'crunches' while walking: with proper technique, 5,000 steps per hour produces 5,000 ab contractions

  • Save time: 15 minutes of Nordic walking = 28 minutes of standard walking, and burns up to 46% more calories too!

  • Stop hurting: using the poles reduces impact on joints and decreases pain in knees, hips, and back

  • Stand tall: unlike regular walking, Urban Poling improves posture during and after your walk


...and while Nordic walking was originally created to be an off-season fitness 

activity for Nordic skiers, research has shown it has a positive impact those

on chronic diseases, orthopedic conditions, neurological issues such as

Parkinson's Disease, and rehabilitation, especially while using Urban Poling's

patented Activator poles and technique.

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Healthy Penny's Has Everything You Need To Get Going!

Healthy Penny's Rocky Mt. Urban Poling Hiking Package 

Living in Colorado, I love being outdoors walking on pavement, grass, dirt or snow; and even hiking up and down a steep trail. I don't love having to pack a lot equipment for these activities. So, I designed the Rocky Mt. Hiking  package you can take anywhere!

Rocky Mt. Hiking Packag: $195 (a $285 value)


  • Urban Poling Activator Poles with Patented Ergonomic Handles and the ability to handle up to 200 lbs. per pole for added support

  • Two sets of rubber tips for walking and hiking

  • Carbide steel tips

  • Snow and Sand Baskets

  • Carry bag for poles, accessories, phone, and water bottle

  • Video lessons to review at your own pace

  • Live coaching from Penny (online or in-person where available)

  • Flat shipping rate of $12

  • A $285 value

Walk with A Friend: Receive a second pole package for $175!

Plus: purchase a package and receive an Move Better Posture Assessment for free!

Also available: 

  • Activator poles and lessons for those with limited mobility

  • Series 300 Fitness Poles for walking and a great choice for Walking Groups!

  • A variety of fun accessories


Find it all in the Healthy Penny's Store.


Are You A Physical Therapist or Rehab. Professional?

Contact Penny to learn how the Activator poles and walking technique can benefit your patients' rehab program.

Activator Poles were an important part of my recovery after breaking my foot. Read about it here

Interested In

Starting A Walking Group?

Contact Penny about how you can receive lessons using the Urban Poling Series 300 Poles

for your group of 4 or more and receive a 10% discount on your group's package and future purchases.

  • Snow and sand baskets

Nordic walking (aka Urban Poling) began almost 75 years ago as an off-season activity for cross country skiers in Norway. It quickly caught the attention of the general public and, over the years, Nordic walking grew in popularity throughout Europe and Canada. Today, there are an estimated 10 million Nordic walkers all over the world as people recognize not only the fun and ease of the activity, but the research-based health benefits as well.  Urban Poling leads the way in patented equipment and walking techniques designed for fitness and those with limited mobility.

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